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"CHAKA" and Mr Ochoa met in a local restaurant where Mr. Ochoa was working as a chef. Mr Ochoa approached "CHAKA" with his a family salsa recipe from Veracruz, Mexico. He asked "CHAKA" to taste it and once he did, he fell in love with the flavors. By blending their sauces together, they came up with this unique flavor now known as "CHAKA'S" Mystery Hot Sauce. Dreams do come true.
"CHAKA'S" ALL NATURAL Mystery Hot Sauce may be used as a condiment or added to your favorite recipe. It's great on Eggs, Burritos, Chips, Taco's, Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Vegetables and anything else that needs flavoring with the perfect amount of heat. One taste and your palate will be salivating for more.
Ingredients: Water, Jalapeno Puree, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Red Chili, Onion, Spices, Xanthan Gum, and Garlic.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for reading.

We’re blogging about some of our HOTTEST deals yet folks.

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We’re blogging about some of our HOTTEST deals yet folks.

Yes that’s right; your favorite marinade and BBQ sauce company is asking you to brace yourselves for our hottest deals we’ve every thrown out and we're throwing it out early.  Everybody wants a deal and we made this deal available for 30 days.  And please remember, you’ll never pay for shipping when you buy from our website. 

Every so often, The Chaka’s Team puts together HOT DEALS and then we shout about it through our online media platforms.  Help us spread the world by sharing, telling, emailing or even calling your family, neighbors and friends about the excitement we’re creating with our unique marinade and BBQ sauce at such a HOT price – PLEASE TELL EVERYBODY!

Chaka's will be going HOT for 30 days, from November 14th all the way through December 14th.

If you keep reading, you’ll see that we’re not kidding about how HOT our deals really are.

  • FREE BBQ sauce with purchase of ANY ITEM on our website
  • A total of 12 items are on SALE
  • Our most popular packaging (3 bottles - 34oz) on sale
  • BBQ sauce on sale
  • Holiday's Gift Package, card included. You can send to your love ones with our, "Let us do the shopping for you” program
  • A $5 coupon in all purchased packages good for your next purchase.

Again, it ALL STARTS on November 14th and ends December 14th.


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What's our story with Chaka's online fulfillment packing material. It's simple and it works -
We try to use recycled packing material gathered from businesses in the general area to our place of business. Since we do not charge shipping, we'd like to keep our costs down as much as possible. Also more importantly, it's environmentally friendly to get a few more usages out of packing material, cause most of the time it goes into landfills and that's bad.
Please think about it...Do your part.


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Everyone has pondered at some point in their lives about
LOW CARB meals, foods, and snacks.
Well, we're here to help - CHAKA'S marinate sauce is definitely part of the LOW CARB craze. Take a look at the image below and tell yourself - "I can do this too".

All you'll need -
-Chaka's marinade
-Bowl or ziplock bag to marinate OVERNIGHT
-Chicken Breast
-A means to cook, saute, bake, broil, grill or even BBQ

A low-carb diet is a diet that restricts foods high in carbs, including sugary foods and bread. It emphasizes foods with protein and fat, as well as healthy vegetables. ENJOY!

NEW Chaka's MMM BBQ/DIPPING Sauce in full launch

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We're fully stocked with our NEW Chaka's MMM ALL NATURAL BBQ/Dipping sauce.  Please support this amazing tasting new product; I promise, you'll love the new flavor.   Tell your family, friends and everybody else you know that it's finally here.  


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Chaka and his team would to say THANK YOU for all your support on our family brand of sauces.  We’ve taken, with your help as our valued users, this amazing brand to the next level.  

Since you’ve taken the brand to the next level and since our loyal users have been asking for new items, our R&D (Research and Development) team has been hard at work answering your requests by launching these new items to the line.    

That being said, I would like to tell you that the Chaka’s “ALL NATURAL” that we introduced last year is taking the market by storm.  This newest addition to the family of sauces has proved itself to be a successful player because of YOU.  We’ve seen the Chaka’s “ALL NATURAL” take our brand to the next level with how clean it is and how awesome it really tastes.

Moving forward with the support by you, we’re introducing our new Chaka’s BBQ SAUCE and DRY SPICE to our portfolio of sauces.  That face that you trust so much is in the development stages and soon to launch in full production our BBQ and then our DRY SPICE. 

To close, please look out for these new items in the stores and on our website.  The brand with that trusted face has made it this far because of loyal user like YOU. 

Keep true to yourself by being healthy with using only clean marinades!

Thank you!


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Thanks to all for the continuous support on keeping the Chaka movement forging the right path.  Over the years, our family has shown the public that grilling is for everyone.  Through the simple and healthy approach when using our marinade sauce, one thing that stands out is you’ll always impress yourself, family and friends.   CHAKA AFICIONADOS – NEWS FLASH ~ “ALL NATURAL CHAKA’S”~NEWS FLASH - The CHAKA family is introducing to your family the all new,

~~~~~~~~~~~~“ALL NATURAL” CHAKAS MMM MARINADE~~~~~~~~~~~~

~in the original recipe.  We’ve changed our main ingredient to all natural, removed the preservatives and then placed the sauce in an 18oz glass bottle to preserve freshness nature’s way.  This is how Chaka’s grandma once did it, back in the day; and this is how we’re going to do it today. 

We’ll be launching this item on the West Coast first (Northern California) in all SAVEMART’S and LUCKY’S.  Also, we’ll be launching our “ALL NATURAL” on our website.  A big thanks and a shout-out to the people at the SAVEMART and LUCKY HQ group for making this happen at grocery store level and big thanks to the online team on making it available to the whole country.

The packaging behind the sauce or in front of the sauce, depends how you look at it, is really down to earth and simple.  You can’t miss it on the shelf, because we’ve kept to the same concept as the regular line; where Chaka’s face on the front is showing you how to love the way YOU grill.  We also like the earthy tones of the label color, or maybe you’ll call it an “ALL NATURAL” looking label color, who knows?  One thing we know is the stuff that is inside of this bottle is absolutely amazing and simple to use.  I know - I keep using this word, simple.  Well, it is simple and tastes great on any meat, poultry and/or vegetables.  All you need is a zip lock bag or glass bowl, your desired meat, sauce and all you do is marinate overnight.  Then of course; grill, BBQ, bake, broil, sauté, fry it up or stir fry. 

We still stand behind and trust how healthy the original and zesty flavors are.  They will always continue to be healthy because of the no sugar, no oil and no fat recipes.  We’re not reinventing grilling or BBQing, all we’re doing is offering a new idea with a new “ALL NATURAL” approach that some people are asking for today.   

To close, I would like to personally thank all the CHAKA FANS for having faith and loyalty in our family’s movement towards supporting a simple and healthy marinade to the people and for the people - just like that!


Until next time my friends! 

First Post

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This is my first website that I've ever put together.  With the help of Shopify, I have spent 25 hours in a few days putting this spectacular piece of art together for all our faithful driven, succeed on the grill, type of customers.  Thank you for all your support and continuous love for our famous family recipe.  I hope to show you the dedication that our customers show, on offering you the perfect, user friend experience while navigating through our site.  Thank you and until next time.