IN A SMALL CALIFORNIA KITCHEN BACK IN 1989, using an old family recipe, Chaka created his now famous marinade for family & friends. Rave reviews and encouragement immediately began pouring in so Chaka started bottling his unique product. Then In 2016, Chaka created his first BBQ sauce and it's lighting the category on fire with it's amazing profile flavor.  

Now “CHAKA’S” MMM Sauces is shipped across the country to a fast growing group of customers affectionately named “chaka-holics”. What's our secret? It's simple. We use only the highest quality ingredients. You can taste the difference in your first bite. 

  • Use with meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables!
  • SUGAR FREE - Marinade only!
  • Fat Free
  • Dairy Free
  • FREE SHIPPING in continental US
  • #1 Selling Marinade in Northern California,and growing!

Give it a try. We bet you’ll be hooked as well.


Chaka was born in Guam and then came to the United States when he was in elementary school. Your basic character-around-town, the town being Union City, California, he is roughly the size and shape of a large mailbox…and bald. He is best known as a spokesman for drug abuse prevention campaigns. He delivers funny and inspiring routine speeches to school kids in the voices of a couple dozen characters from Mr. T [go figure] to Tattoo! 

Whenever we are grilling up samples at the numerous events we participate in each year, the first question people ask is “What’s up with that name?” CHAKA is an old Chamorro Clan name. Chaka is from Guam and used his surname for the product. The MMM portion of the name comes from the reaction just about every person has after their very first taste. MMMMMMMMM…..it’s quite comical. As Chaka himself always says “Once you master the grill, you can taste the passion!”

Chaka is a diabetic and could not find any sauces & marinades that he could use. Remembering his old family recipe had no sugar, Chaka started making his famous marinade years ago in a small California kitchen. He believes that ALL family members should break the same bread so no one ever feels left behind!

With the ever so changing BBQ sauce category and nuances to the flavoring profiles of the worlds, we've decided to develop a BBQ sauce to ensure that you have a product for all types of folks.  The ones who love to use BBQ and dipping sauces, need something too.

Chaka’s participation in the community is legendary. He has given drug prevention talks for the “Just Say No” Union City Jaycees campaign at local schools & events and he donates generously to several charities such as Susan G. Komen, Avon, Healings in Motion, Thirties Club, and Beats For Boobs. Chaka was also the Mayor for a term in the city of Lathrop, California!  He was instrumental in holding his town to a higher educational standard as well as bring jobs to the city of 17,000 residence.